Lavender Wax Melt & Organic Oil

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Lost In Lavender Wax Melts & Organic Lavender Oil 15ml

The perfect gift for all those lavender lovers out there.

"Lost In Lavender Wax Melts"

Our "Lost In Lavender" Luxury wax melts are made with only Pure Lavender Essential oil
Here at the good garden, our Lavender plants release their amazing scent each year. These wax melts infused with calming lavender essential oil allows you to relax and let those troubles slip away as you get Lost In Lavender.
All our wax melts use luxurious fragrance oils and in some cases pure essential oils. 
Each wax melt piece has been expertly blended with pure lavender essential oil into a sustainable soy wax that is vegan-friendly and biodegradable(something that is quite important to us.)

Contains 8 Heart Shaped Wax Melts.

Organic Lavender Essential Oil 15ml

"Probably the most well known of all essential oils. Organic Lavender essential oil is famous for its calming scent and relaxing properties. The perfect essential oil to help ease anxiety and aid sleep.

This 100% Organic Lavender essential oil is ethically sourced from a small group of local farms in southern Bulgaria. These farmers work as a collective to grow and distil this organic lavender oil. This process has become a major source of income for an entire region in Southern Bulgaria."

Hand bottled at the foot of Sliabh Coillte in Wexford, Ireland.

Origin: Southern Bulgaria
Extraction Method: Steam Distilled


Enjoy this organic lavender essential oil in a diffuser, hot bath, as a massage oil or a room spray. Please be aware that you should not use more than 5-10 drops of essential oil for every 20ml of carrier oil, alcohol or water.


Possible skin sensitivity. If pregnant or under doctor's care, consult your physician before use. Avoid contact with inner ears, eyes and sensitive areas.

Keep out of reach from children.

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